Undisrupting renovations with temporary walls for healthcare​

It’s critical to keep construction dust and dangerous pathogens out of hospitals. That may seem obvious, but not all walls keep that from happening. STARC temporary reusable walls can. They can keep noise out too—50% better than any other wall. So whether your facility is adding an OR suite, replacing outdated radiological equipment, expanding a patient waiting area, or simply conducting routine maintenance, STARC walls are here to undisrupt your renovation.

Benefits of STARC Temporary Walls for Healthcare

Two major challenges, one successful renovation

When Brigham and Women’s Hospital need to complete a renovation in their postpartum floor, they not only had to meet ICRA Class IV requirements, but also needed to remain open during the entirety of the project. Talk about a challenge…for anything other than STARC temporary walls.

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In the Know: ICRA 2.0 and Temporary Walls

What is ICRA and why does it matter? Just ask your patients. However, they won’t know either. Unless, of course, they’ve read this helpful eBook that describes the five ways ICRA 2.0 guidelines could impact your hospital renovation project.

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Temporary walls for healthcare that are anything but temporary​

Say hello to the industry’s premier, most durable temporary reusable wall solutions. Each product offers innovative design, superior engineering and exceptional durability. As if that’s not enough, they are fully ICRA compliant and meet ASTM E119, ASTM E84, NFPA 241, and IBC requirements. That’s quite the resumé—one patients and staff will appreciate when it comes to infection control during renovations.

See how STARC is leading the way in temporary wall solutions