StackBarrier™ Corners and Accessories

Flexibility for those unplanned renovation layouts

Unexpected layout jogs? Arched or curved bump-outs? No problem. Even the best-laid drawings may miss a temporary layout need when renovating older buildings. StackBarrierTM is designed with flexibility and versatility in mind. Keep your containment installation moving along without pausing for complicated cornering cuts.

Full 180-degree or Fixed 90-degree corners

StackBarrier modular corners provide complete range.

  • 180-degree flex corners with “living hinge” for inside or outside partial turns
  • 90-degree fixed corners
  • Durable polycarbonate material
  • Easy cut to length with common tin snips.


WALL TRACK GASKET (Optional). For added seal between tracks and wall. Closed cell. 50 feet.

CEILING TRACK GASKET (Optional). White PSA, 75 feet.

TUNNEL CORNER BRACKETS (Optional). Metal bracing brackets custom for StackBarrier. Used for panel-to-ceiling installation (e.g., Tunnel passage, storage room),

WALL JOINER BRACKETS (Optional). Top-of-wall column to column joint connections for additional rigidity.

GRID CLIPS (Optional). When panels meet the ceiling grid, add grid clips for additional anchor points and stability.

FLOOR PANEL BRACE (Optional). Fasten directly to panel for free-standing runs. Secure to a temporary, weighted 2×6 on the floor for a floor anchor point.

H PANEL TRACK (Optional). Join field-modified custom cut edge to an extrusion or two cut edges together.

VACUUM HANDLE SET (Optional). Quick-grip handles that attach and remove for placing panels during installation.