Exceed ICRA Class IV & V Requirements with STARC

Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) guidelines are used to prevent environment-associated infections in healthcare facilities during any construction or renovation project within patient-occupied spaces. Temporary containment systems that include negative air capability provide airtight barriers that align with ICRA 2.0 guidelines on prevention planning for construction projects.

What About Negative Air?

Achieving ICRA Class IV & V with Negative Air

Negative room pressure, or negative air, is achieved when the pressure in a given space is lower than the pressure in surrounding areas. Negative air prevents cross-contamination from a potentially hazardous environment into a non-contaminated environment.

An anteroom is a small room that leads into a larger room. It’s considered an essential tool for hospital renovations because it leverages negative air to support maintenance and infection control efforts, enabling facilities to conduct renovations without having to shut down areas of the hospital.

With STARC, you can create any size anteroom required. The modular ICRA barriers come in a variety of widths, providing unmatched flexibility to customize. And because our modular walls, doors, ceilings, and accessories are reusable, you can quickly and quietly install an anteroom wherever it’s needed, time after time.