Reduce Waste with Reusable Temporary Containment Walls

reusable iconSTARC’s temporary walls can be reused hundreds of times reducing the substantial waste associated with drywall temporary containment.

Reconfigure and Reuse

STARC PanelsSTARC panels, doors, and accessories are designed to accommodate any renovation project. Our reusable temporary walls can be set in long, straight sections, around corners, or in other complex arrangements. Our system of varying panel widths and complementary accessories will allow you to solve almost any containment situation you come across. Reuse your panels from one job phase to the next or from one client site to another.

The highly-durable STARC panels are reusable and eliminate the waste associated with drywall. Our reusable temporary walls are a sustainable, environmentally-friendly solution for your next construction or renovation projects.

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W.E. Bowman: ROI for Healthcare Construction

W.E. Bowman SignLearn how the STARC system can help reduce the substantial waste associated with other types of temporary containment, like drywall or plastic sheeting.
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