One-Hour Fire-Rated Containment That’s Safe, Fast and Reusable

Stops fire. Saves time.

Imagine a reusable one-hour fire-rated modular containment system that installs four times faster than drywall. That’s FireblockWall, the durable temporary wall system that uses the same lift-and-drop connections and telescoping tracks that made RealWall and LiteBarrier preferred solutions among contractors and crews.

  • ONE-HOUR FIRE-RATED. Exceeds ASTM E119 and ASTM E84 requirements.
  • FAST. Installs four times faster than drywall.
  • SAFE. Containment that stops fire, meets ICRA Class V requirements and helps stop the spread of dangerous construction dust.
  • REUSABLE. Pays for itself in just three to five uses.
  • GREAT LOOKING. Blends in with any pre-built environment.

Engineered for safety, speed and durability to achieve a higher standard.