What makes STARC accessories so good?

The STARC System is engineered to provide years of use and to be the most durable on the market. Our complete barrier management system allows you to use STARC panels on any floor and against wall obstacles. Flexible corners, wall interfaces, and filler panels are designed to seamlessly integrate with panels and doors for simple, quick design solutions to fit any space. Configuring and supporting your walls and doors in any direction is easy with our ceiling grid clips and 360 bracketing system on the panels and doors. Our industrial grade carts make installing and moving our panels and doors quick and simple. Request a quote and our team will prescribe the ideal combination of panels and components.


Corners follow module interface standard – simple and quick connection.

  • Airtight seal against air/dust intrusion
  • Seamless telescoping from 6’-10” to 10’-3”
  • Patented flexible corner provides 15-90 angle, flips over for inside or outside orientation
  • Rugged all metal construction


Flexible corners detail


Left Wall Interface Extend to fill small gaps on  non-plumb wall with foam gasket on left side

Right Wall Interface Extend to fill small gaps or non-plumb wall with foam gasket on right side

Filler Panel Adapter  Accommodates a drywall piece to create a secure connection fit against wall details like handrails or to create a custom width panel.

All STARC wall interfaces feature:

  • Module interface standard – simple and quick connection
  • Sealed for air/dust intrusion
  • Seamless telescoping from 6’-10” to 10’-3”
  • Use the FIller Panel module to create a narrow width panel or to seal  against wall details (handrails, etc.)
  • Wall Interfaces allow 2”-4” adjustment to fill gaps and will allow fit to non-plumb walls


wall interfaces detail wall interface


wall interfaces detail filter panel


Engineered for forklift handling, securely transport and store STARC panels and accessories with our carts.

Panel Cart

  • Holds up to 8 panels
  • Fits through a standard 36” door opening (32”overall)
  • Great for storage between projects
  • Panels secured with supplied ratchet straps; shipped with 5” non-marking swivel casters
  • Optional 8” non-marking casters provide handling across ramps and into trucks

Accessory Cart

  • Holds 6 panels and up to 6 corners,wall interfaces or other accessories
  • Parts tray holds up to 9 accessories plus hardware

Accessory Cart (Unloaded)

accessories cart unloaded

Panel Cart

panel cart loaded

Dust Cover

panel cart with dust cover

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