Undisrupting renovations with temporary walls for airports

Chaotic. Expensive. Time consuming. All things that come to mind when describing the airport experience for passengers. The same things come to mind when considering most temporary construction containment methods. Well, any other than STARC, that is. Our temporary reusable walls keep the dust, debris and disturbances far away from passengers and employees during airport renovation projects. Making sure you’re clear to take off for an undisrupted renovation.

Benefits of STARC Temporary Walls for Airports

Undisrupted Experience

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We’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news: airports are probably always going to be a stressful experience. There’s nothing we can really do about that. The good news: with STARC temporary reusable walls, airport renovations will never be a part of that stress. In fact, passengers likely won’t even know there is a renovation project happening at all. So go ahead and renovate that airport! Or don’t. Either way the experience for passengers will remain the same.

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Undisrupted Timeline

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Time. An airport’s mortal enemy. Ironically, it’s also a renovation project’s mortal enemy. What about STARC? Our relationship with time is actually…pretty great. Because our reusable temporary walls are simple to install, meaning you can install up to 100’ in just an hour. And because it’s less labor intensive, you’ll be able to start projects on time and with minimal downtime between phases.

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Undisrupted Protection

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If any place needs to be safe, it’s an airport. You don’t think they have those long security lines just for fun, do you? So when an airport renovation is taking place, you can’t put up just any old wall and call it a day. You need the protection and security that only STARC temporary reusable walls can provide, with a variety of locking doors and other security features to ensure that all the renovation mess stays in and anything or anyone who shouldn’t be stays out.

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Transforming O’Hare’s Terminal 5

There’s no doubt about it, any airport renovation is a huge undertaking. Now factor in a renovation at one of the busiest airports in the United States requiring up to 4 miles of construction area and you’ve got quite the project to contain. Sound like a job for STARC reusable temporary walls? You bet it is.

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Big-Picture Benefits for PHX

Facing an extensive renovation project with an already approved budget, the team responsible for renovating the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport sought a new, cost-effective way to complete their project with minimal operational impacts. See how a compelling cost-value analysis of STARC temporary reusable walls tipped the scales in their favor over traditional drywall methods.

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Temporary walls for airports that will travel with you again and again

Say hello to the industry’s premier, most durable temporary reusable wall solutions. Each product offers innovative design, superior engineering and exceptional durability. As if that’s not enough, STARC is the only provider of reusable temporary walls certified and listed for key fire and life safety tests that are typically required of full assemblies. Now that’s a resumé both passengers and personnel will appreciate when navigating an already stressful and congested airport.

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