Modular Construction Containment for Sensitive Environments

LiteBarrier™ Negative Air Panel

24" Width

Available in a 24″ width

Optional Pressure Monitor

Supports differential pressure monitor and common data recorders
Optional pressure monitor

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Front

Durable, lightweight and will not scratch or dent

Air Diffuser

Prevents the high-volume airflow from disturbing dust on the floor

Power Cord Passage

Makes it easy to integrate a power source

Durable Panels

Chemically bonded so they will not come loose from the frame

Standard Duct Collar

12″ duct collar, adjustable shutter

12" dust collar with adjustable shutter

Integrated Pressure Ports

Negative air port built into panel

Anodized Aluminum Frame

Extremely rugged and durable

Adjustable Height

Telescoping negative air panels extend from 6′ 10″ to 10′ 3″

LiteBarrier’s negative air panels provide lightweight versatility while maintaining the critical modular construction containment required in sensitive spaces like healthcare settings and lab environments. With fully bonded panels that easily integrate with exhaust systems and pressure monitors, LiteBarrier™ exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements.

Performance Criteria:

  • 1” square anodized aluminum frame
  • 2mm fully bonded, tough FRP panels
  • Half the weight of RealWall
  • ICRA IV Performance

Panel Widths:

  • 24″