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ICRA 2.0 Impacts Construction

Rejecting Drywall’s ‘Hidden Costs’: Advancing Temporary Containment

Learn why the thinking around traditional containment methods is changing and discover how more innovative wall systems are improving project results across four key areas.

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Fire Safety & Temporary Walls: One Critical Question

Ensuring jobsite safety demands the use of a listed certified assembly. Learn why it’s so important.

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prefabricated modular walls download

Definitive Guide to Modular Walls

Absolutely everything you need to know about modular walls.

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sustainability infographic preview

Full Circle Commitment to Sustainability

Discover how STARC Systems is leading the way in sustainability, from preventing tons of landfill waste to running on renewable energy.

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fire rated case study

A New Approach to Fire-Rated Temporary Containment

Learn how S+B James Construction implemented one-hour fire-rated temporary barriers on a particularly challenging job.

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fire rated containment

4 Questions To Answer When Choosing Fire Rated Containment

A guide to four critical questions to answer when one-hour fire-rated containment is required for an occupied renovation project.

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Fire Safety Questions

5 Fire Safety During Hospital Renovations Questions Answered

The most commonly overlooked issues in fire safety before and after a hospital renovation starts

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Real Drywall Costs

The True & Hidden Costs Of Drywall: Infographic

With drywall prices soaring, it’s time to take a serious look at the true costs of choosing drywall temporary containment for your healthcare renovations and maintenance projects.

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ASTM Guide

ASTM E119 & E84 QuickGuide

What You Need to Know for Fire-Rated Temporary Containment

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Environmental Consideration Before Executing ICRA Protocol

Environmental Considerations for an ICRA Protocol: White Paper

Learn why and how to expand the scope of the environmental assessment when developing an ICRA protocol. Explore considerations to ensure effective containment.

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Remediation Restoration and Renovation Whitepaper

Maintaining a Patient-Centered Environment: White Paper

Explore the growing importance of creating a hospital environment that aligns with patients’ evolving expectations, and as a result, increases positive patient outcomes and experiences.

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Reducing HAIs ebook

Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections: eBook

Learn protocols and strategies that healthcare organizations are employing to contain dust, mold and harmful pathogens for both renovations and disaster preparedness.

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