StackBarrier™ Tracks

Undisrupted project timelines! Start projects faster.

StackBarrier™ designs include “install-as-you-go” perimeter tracks with “living hinges” to simplify your buildout.

Wall Track

Durable, reusable polycarbonate wall track provides initial anchor point to an existing structure. 8-foot standard length, cut-to-length when needed. “Living hinge” simplifies panel placement before adding anchoring screw.

Floor Track

“Install-as-you-go” floor tracks avoid installation slow-downs. Slip onto the bottom of each panel across the bottom of your wall. No-slip EPDM floor grip.

Ceiling Track (Optional)

Grid clips or kickers provide bracing to existing structure. Use ceiling tracks as optional cosmetic covers for a clean, professional finish.

Cut to Length

Use common tin snips to cut ceiling, wall or floor tracks to length if customizing your buildout in the field.

Wall Joiners

Top-of-wall column to column joint connections for additional rigidity.

Corner Options

Full 180-degree or fixed 90-degree corners offer versatility to your containment wall buildout.

Wall Track

Wall tracks create an initial anchor and connection point to existing structures, when starting a temporary construction wall with StackBarrier.

  • Standard 8-foot sections
  • “Living” hinge for simple panel placement within the track
  • Durable polycarbonate material for re-use

Floor Track

StackBarrier floor tracks “install-as-you-go” down your line with a simple slide onto panel bottoms. Avoid installation slow-downs common to “fixed” floor track solutions.

  • Standard 4-foot sections
  • No-slip EPDM footing
  • Polycarbonate material
  • “Snip-cut” to-length with common tin snips
  • 100% reusable