A Must-Have for Occupied Healthcare Renovations and Infection Isolation Uses: Anterooms

Create an Anteroom with Negative Air Pressure Panels

An anteroom is a small room that leads into a larger room. It’s considered an essential tool for hospital renovations because it supports maintenance and infection control efforts, enabling facilities to conduct renovations without having to shut down areas of the hospital.

You can create any size anteroom required with our RealWall and LiteBarrier systems. The panels come in a variety of widths, providing unmatched flexibility to customize. And because our modular walls and
doors are reusable, you can quickly and quietly install an anteroom wherever it’s needed, time after time.

Each panel or door comes with a white face that looks great, blends into existing healthcare environments, and is easily disinfected. Our system is shipped on carts, which makes moving, deploying and storing panels easy for any facility.

Anterooms for Hospital Construction

Considered a vital tool for mitigating the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), anterooms help control the flow of contaminated air between the renovation site and sensitive, patient-occupied areas.

For hospitals, there are several applications in which the addition of an anteroom adds significant value, including:

  • renovating patient rooms
  • surgical suites
  • pharmacies
  • cafeterias
  • radiology suites
  • plumbing and HVAC upgrades or repairs

Anterooms are useful and cost-effective. Choosing an anteroom for your next healthcare project can have a measurable impact on facility compliance and patient satisfaction. For more information about creating an anteroom, contact us.