Today’s Temporary Modular Wall Systems: Fast, Easy, Durable & Fire-Rated

With RealWall™, LiteBarrier™ and FireblockWall™, STARC Systems is redefining what’s possible with reusable modular walls across a range of settings, including healthcare, airports, data centers, bio/life sciences, office space and education. Exceeding ICRA Class IV and ASTM E84 requirements, these high quality temporary containment systems are durable enough to install, move and reconfigure hundreds of times. They’re also more economical and environmentally friendly than drywall, which requires messy, time-consuming disposal after every use. Wondering which of our products offers the best temporary containment option for your project?

Explore STARC’s full line of temporary modular wall systems and accessories below.

realwall panel


Valued for its sound attenuation, real wall appearance and construction, RealWall™ is our original reusable temporary wall containment system and remains the premier modular wall solution on the market. It reduces renovation noise by up to 50% while exceeding ICRA Class IV and ASTM E-84 requirements. RealWall delivers unmatched durability and stability – backed by a 3-year warranty


Noted for its durability and ease of use, our LiteBarrier™ system is a top performer in the lightweight reusable modular walls category. It features a slim lightweight profile, fiberglass-reinforced polymer panels, and exceeds ICRA Class IV and ASTM E84 requirements. LiteBarrier is a great looking, lower priced solution for projects requiring a temporary partition wall with door.


The first of its kind, FireblockWall is a superior, reusable one-hour fire-rated containment solution. It exceeds ICRA Class IV, ASTM E119 and ASTM E84 requirements, and it installs four times faster than drywall. As the only reusable modular wall solution that is one-hour fire-rated, FireblockWall can save you time and money while ensuring your projects are safe and sustainable.
Accessories New


Our modular wall and door systems for temporary containment are engineered to work, regardless of any obstacles you may encounter on the job site. From flexible corners to wall interfaces, to filler panels, carts, and more, we offer a full range of accessories to help you solve any containment challenge you may encounter
Ceiling Barrier


Our lightweight dust barrier ceilings provide a great solution for constructing anterooms, corridor tunnels and free-standing rooms. They also support working in environments with extremely high ceilings. Our simple mounting system enables fast installation, and our standard opaque white ceiling panels include options for translucent polycarbonate and LED rope lighting.
anteroom panels


Our RealWall and LiteBarrier negative air panels come with a standard 12” duct collar. Available in multiple widths, they allow you to customize the anteroom to your needs. All negative air panels include an integrated pressure port that integrates with a differential pressure monitor, which accommodates all common data recorders.
Northeastern Library LiteBarrier Install_CLEAN-0

Buying Options

STARC Systems offers two different ways to purchase our products: buy or rent. If you purchase our durable panels, they are backed by an industry-best warranty. Once you own the product, it quickly pays for itself after 3-5 uses. Renting may be a better option for project-based jobs or if you want to supplement your existing inventory.