Fast Disruption-Free Installation

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Install 100’ feet of containment wall in an hour, saving time and money between phases.

Seeing Is Believing: 100 Feet of Wall Installs in One Hour 

Watch how easy it is to assemble ICRA Class IV barriers that eliminate dust and debris from construction sites while providing advanced sound attenuation and superior durability. 

Saves Time – And Money – Between Phases

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Quite often, before you can start a renovation project, you need to build a temporary containment wall to isolate the work area from the occupied space. The sooner you complete the temporary wall installation, the sooner the real work can begin. 

Easy, Fast Installation

 Both the RealWall and LiteBarrier systems are engineered with STARC’s lift-and-drop assembly, which enables quick, easy, and disruption-free installation. Two workers can install 100 feet of RealWall in less than an hour. One person can achieve the same result with LiteBarrier, saving hours – or even days –that are required when building temporary containment with drywall. 

Save on Labor Costs 

Wondering how to reduce labor costs? With their speed of assembly, our temporary containment systems can lower your labor costs dramatically. RealWall and LiteBarrier – as well as FireblockWall™, the industry’s first and only reusable one-hour fire-rated containment –, can be installed, removed, and reconfigured quickly as you progress from one job to another. It’s never been easier to avoid wasting man-hours on the pre-work of temporary containment. 

W.E. Bowman: ROI for Healthcare Construction

Discover how STARC’s temporary containment systems outperform drywall, deliver ROI and easily endure whatever challenges the healthcare industry sends their way.
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