Fast Disruption-Free Installation

fast installation

Install 100’ feet of containment wall in an hour, saving time and money between phases.

Easy, Fast Installation

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Before you can get started with a renovation project, you frequently need to build a temporary containment wall to isolate the work area from the occupied space. The faster the containment setup, the quicker you can begin the real work. Both RealWall™ and LiteBarrier™ systems are engineered with STARC’s lift-and-drop system which is quick, easy and disruption-free to install. Two workers can erect 100’ of RealWall™ in less than one hour and one person can do the same with LiteBarrier™ – rather than the hours or even days required for drywall.

Save on Labor Costs

The speed of assembling STARC Systems construction containment systems will reduce your labor costs dramatically. Our easy-to-use systems can be installed, removed and reconfigured quickly as you progress from one job to another. Don’t waste man hours on the pre-work of temporary containment.

W.E. Bowman: ROI for Healthcare Construction

Learn how the STARC system compares to drywall, considered an ROI, and has proven endurance in the healthcare industry.
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