Fast Disruption-Free Installation

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Introducing the Ultimate Solution for Construction Site Containment: ICRA Barriers

Seeing Is Believing: Experience Effortless Installation and Unparalleled Performance

Watch the demonstration of how easily our ICRA Class IV- and Class V-compliant barriers can be assembled in just one hour. Not only do these barriers contain dust and debris on construction sites, but they also provide advanced sound attenuation and superior durability. 

Eliminate Renovation Disruption for a Seamless Experience 

Our innovative barriers deliver a visually appealing, professional look while completely concealing the disruption caused by renovation, allowing for a “business as usual” experience.

Enhanced Productivity & Cost-Efficiency: Expedite Project Phases

Often, when starting a renovation project, the initial step is building a temporary containment wall to isolate the work area. STARC’s temporary containment systems streamline this process, enabling real work to commence sooner.

Effortless Installation for Maximum Efficiency

STARC’s RealWall™and LiteBarrier™ systems are engineered for lift-and-drop assembly, enabling quick, easy, and disruption-free installation. Experience the advantage of having two workers install 100 feet of RealWall in less than an hour.

LiteBarrier offers the same result with one-person installation, saving valuable time compared to traditional drywall containment.

Significant Cost Savings on Labor

Wondering how to minimize labor costs? Our temporary containment systems expedite installation and significantly reduce labor expenses.

With RealWall and LiteBarrier, as well as our most recent addition –  FireblockWall™, the industry’s first and only reusable one-hour fire-rated containment – you can quickly install, remove, and reconfigure as each project progresses. Say goodbye to hours wasted on pre-work.

Incorporating these high-performance ICRA barriers will revolutionize construction site containment, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. Take control of your construction projects today!

W.E. Bowman: ROI for Healthcare Construction

Discover how STARC’s temporary containment systems outperform drywall, deliver ROI and easily endure whatever challenges the healthcare industry sends their way.
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