Three Door Options Provide Unmatched Flexibility

RealWall™ Panel Door

Multiple Widths

Both sliding and hinged doors available in 42” and 54”
Multiple widths doors for panels

Anodized Aluminum Frame

Both doors are rugged and durable and have integrated airtight seal elements

Lightweight Aluminum Front

Bright white glossy surface is easily disinfected and looks like a real door

Superior Hinge System

Allows for in/out or left/right adjustability, which is quickly and easily modified once installed
superior hinge system

Threshold & Sweep

Adjustable threshold and sweep gasketing allows for installation of doors on uneven surfaces
Adjustable threshold sweep

Lock Options

Multiple lock options for varying degrees of security
starc keypads

Modular “Over The Door” Kit

Provides an airtight, flexible height panel that seals to ceiling heights up to 10’ 3″
Modular over the door kit

Self Closing Slider

The first and only self closing sliding door on the market
self closing slider door

The Most Durable Doors Available

Designed to be the most durable on the market, STARC doors are engineered to provide years of reuse. They feature the same rugged, 3-layer construction as our RealWall™ panels, with a clean, white-painted aluminum front that faces the occupied area, a sound attenuating foam core that reduces renovation noise by up to 50%, and a galvanized steel back. All three door options are backed by a 3-year industry leading guarantee.

Choose From Hinged, Sliding, or Double Door Models

STARC’s three door options offer unmatched flexibility.

  • Our hinged door can easily be adjusted in the field to open in/out or left/right
  • Our sliding door – the only one on the market – is self-closing
  • Our double doors easily accommodate large equipment

All three door options come with an adjustable threshold and sweep, which allows for installation on uneven surfaces, and a modular over-the-door kit, which creates an airtight* seal from the top of the door to the ceiling.

Glass may be installed on the upper or lower panels. Custom sizes are available—contact us today.

*Air flows in the desired direction when supported and connected to negative air machines.

Door FeaturesHingedSlidingDouble
Pre-hung Doors with Standard Module Interface FramesXXX
Full Gasketing and Brushes for Air and Dust SealXXX
Easily Changed to Swing In/Out and Left/Right OrientationXX
Vision Kits AvailableXXX
Tempered glass options allow for half panel (top or bottom) of full panel windowsXXX
Adjustable threshold/sweep gasket allows for installation of doors on uneven surfacesXXX
Robust track hardware for added durabilityXXX
Tongue & Groove ConnectionXXX
360° Airtight SealXXX
Exceeds ICRA Class IV requirementsXXX
3-Layer Construction with Sound Attenuating Foam CoreXXX
Modular “Over the Door” KitXXX
Adjustable Threshold & SweepXX
Adjustable ThresholdX
Fits with existing STARC solutionsXXX
Multiple lock options offer varying degrees of securityXXX
Standard Handle, Mechanical Keypad, Electronic Keypad (two options available)XXX
Opening Width Available in 42” and 54”XX
Height Adjustable from 6’-10” to 10’-3”XX
Opening Width Available in 72-7/8”X
Height Adjustable from 7’-11” to 12’X
door handle and lock options