Stackable temporary modular wall system up to 32 feet high

Reach high, run far in unprecedented time.

Start projects faster with the only frameless, stackable reusable wall system designed for large open area spaces above 12 feet.

Panel Dimensions

Standard 4′ by 8′ and 4′ by 4′ allow you to maintain structural stability during build-ups with an alternating column pattern. 1 5/8″ panel thickness adds stability and strength.

ASTM E-84 Class A

Fire retardant core in combination with panel material choices and fabrication meets ASTM E-84 Class A standards for flame and smoke spread rating. (Flame spread <25 and <250; Smoke spread <450 ).

White Painted Aluminum Skins

Clean painted finish for a professional look. Apply cling graphics in the field to large, flat surfaces.

Lift and Drop Connections

Slight lift and slide installation for panel to panel connections. Tongue and groove side extrusions fit snug and flex.

20-Degree Angled Flex

Install arched layouts simply with angled flex that is designed into the panel.

Panel Fasteners

Simple #10 self-drilling screws through the spline provide additional 120-pounds of pull strength for panel connections.


Standard panel is half the weight of drywall, approximately 37 pounds.

Modular Wall Systems with structural stability designed in.

StackBarrier™ panel designs — with supporting components — allow labor teams to install a frameless, structurally sound temporary construction wall up to 32 feet while avoiding delays of centerline layouts and fixed perimeter track placements.

  • Accelerate project set-up. Stackable panel-to-panel assembly up to 32 feet, or for long, straight runs
  • Safe. ASTM E-84 Class A certified, tested and listed as an assembly
  • Versatile. Flexibility through tongue and groove angled flex
  • Customize in the field for irregular layouts, or slanted runs
  • STC rating of 19