Reusable Modular Door with Direct Panel Integration

Accessibility without sacrificing versatility and security

Specially designed door frames connect directly “in-line” to StackBarrier™ panels.

Door Frame

Standard 48″ wide x 96″ high module integrates into the wall system seamlessly.


41″ x 83″ clear opening.

Lock Options


Three lock options. Key, mechanical, or electronic. Sold with custom insert that allows you to re-use and swap in different lock options with the same insert.

Swing Flexibility

Four-way, 180-degree swing options. Reversible jam.

Custom door frame for modular wall system

Simple “in-line” installation with direct connections to adjoining panels.

  • Standard 48″ wide x 96″ high door frame
  • Lift and drop connection between frame and panels on either side
  • 41″ clear opening

Versatility designed in

  • Four-way, 180-degree swing and reversible jamb to match egress needs
  • Three lock options: key, mechanical, electronic installed with custom insert