FireblockWall™ Negative Air and Air Monitoring Panels

Designed for safety. Built for speed.

Engineered to quickly create negative air environments, while maintaining the safety requirements of one-hour fire-rated containment. No need to cut through drywall or customize solutions on the jobsite.

Panel Dimensions

Both Negative Air and Air Monitoring Panels are 24” wide and available in heights of either 92” or 104”.

Fire-rated Damper

Connect HEPA machine to 12” fire-rated damper to quickly create a negative air environment.


Discharges air upward and sideways to limit disturbing harmful dust and debris on the floor.

Fusible Link

Designed for fire safety and certification, it automatically creates a fire block at 165 degrees.

Fire-Rated Wire Passthrough

Air Monitor panel includes a 2″ pre-cut and pre-installed one-hour fire-rated wire passthrough.

Universal Mounting Bracket

Accepts all standard air manometers and mounts directly to the ‘public’ or ‘clean’ side of the jobsite.

Negative Air Panel

Fire-rated damper assembly allows for HEPA machines to discharge through the wall.

  • Standard 24″ wide by 92″ or 104″ dimensions
  • 12″ diameter fire and smoke damper
  • Fusible link automatically closes damper at 165 degrees
  • Flat panel diffuser designed to minimize dust disturbance

Air Monitoring Panel

Safely monitor renovation environments with our Air Monitor panel.

  • Standard 24″ wide by 92″ or 104″ dimensions
  • One-hour fire-rated pre-cut wire pass through
  • Air monitor mounting bracket is pre-mounted
  • Air monitor sold separately