FireblockWall™ Doors

Accessibility without sacrificing safety and security

Provide access to your jobsite with specially-designed STARC door frames that connect directly to FireblockWall™ panels. Combine STARC over-the-door (“OTD”) panel assembly with a door and frame to create safe, secure and fire-rated access points.

OTD Panel

48″ wide and available in heights of 6″, 12″ and 21″. Tongue and groove panels connect to the top of the adapter frame and sides of the panels.

Adapter Frame

Standard 4’ x 7’ adapter frame with sides specifically engineered to create lift & drop connections with panels on either side.

Fire-Rated Door

Commercial steel door is certification pending for fire safety and provides clearance area 80” high and 39” wide. Door buck flips to open either in or out.

Fire-Rated Handles

Three options to fit your needs: Schlage standard key format, Schlage small format or Kaba 5000 series mechanical pushbutton entry lockset.

Fire-Rated Closer

One-hour fire-rated Yale hinged closer.

STARC OTD Panel and Door Frame

Achieve fire safety while connecting to STARC panel and track assembly with a commercial fire-rated door.

  • Standard STARC 4′ x 7′ adapter frame
  • Lift and drop connection between frame and panel assembly
  • 48″ wide OTD panel available in three heights

Commercial Door Customized to STARC One-hour Rated Assembly

Commercial door ships with door, frame and buck that fits STARC adapter frame.

  • 80″ tall by 39″ wide clear opening
  • Rated steel buck and door
  • One-hour rated handle sets (sold separately)
  • One-hour rated door closer (sold separately)