Temporary Walls for Life Sciences & Biotech

Much like their counterparts in healthcare, life sciences and biotech facilities face unique challenges when it comes to construction and renovation projects. To maintain a sterile environment and prevent disruptions to critical research and operations, these facilities must implement strategies to reduce noise levels, limit the spread of construction dust and debris, and provide space for large equipment and machinery. By working with experienced construction partners who understand the complexities of these projects, life sciences and biotech organizations can successfully navigate renovations while upholding their commitment to safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Trusted by leading life sciences and biotech facilities across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, STARC provides high-quality reusable temporary wall systems that meet ASTM E119, ASTM E84, NFPA 241, and IBC requirements. All four of our temporary reusable construction wall systems—RealWall™,  LiteBarrier™, FireblockWall™, and StackBarrier™—offer airtight containment barriers, including negative air capability.