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Improves Patient Satisfaction

Up to 50% less renovation noise  •  Disruption-free installation  •  Real wall appearance

Reduces Cost

Fast installation – 100’ in 1 hour • Reusable and waste reducing • Durable – years of use


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Infection Control

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Clean & Green

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Odor Control

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The STARC containment system has been specifically engineered to meet the high standards of the healthcare industry with all metal construction, full compliance with ICRA class IV requirements, dustless installation and removal, and a finished appearance that is professional and demonstrates the high standards required in your facility.

Commercial Construction

STARC Systems panels drastically reduce the labor, expense and time associated with building and maintaining containment wall systems. Our system with its modular panels, pre-hung doors, flexible corners and wall interfaces goes up and comes down fast, requires no maintenance, allowing projects to phase faster and generating new revenue after just 3-6 phases.

Data Centers

The STARC temporary modular wall system offers the data center manager a clean finished wall that is easily reconfigurable to accommodate expansion phases yet is strong and durable enough to serve as a security perimeter for the data center. It's the perfect solution if you need to renovate an area of your facility, yet it’s adjacent to a critical room that needs to be up and running with no interruptions, noise or dust.


STARC temporary wall systems provide the administrator with an effective and flexible tool to divide classroom and public spaces, provide secure temporary containment for assets or hazards and provide critical isolation for laboratory spaces or for managing pandemic outbreaks on campus.ty.


The STARC System provides the research or production laboratory with a quickly reconfigurable solution to isolate infectious hazards, noise, contaminants or to meet other needs for rapidly changing facility needs. With easily disinfected surfaces, noise attenuation and integrated negative pressure isolation features, our modular temporary wall system reduces labor, expense and disruption associated with building or moving walls.


STARC temporary modular wall systems provide the residential contractor with a unique asset to differentiate them from the competition, by providing the owner with a bright, clean, effective dust and noise containment barrier, allowing them to remain in place during even the most disruptive demolition or construction activities.


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