St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center: A Lightweight Containment Solution

St. Mary's LiteBarrier Install

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St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center is an acute care facility with a primary care provider network, urgent care and an emergency department.

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“With LiteBarrier, we set up a containment wall that looked like a real wall in minutes. If you need environmental controls and isolation in a quick install, it’s the way to go.”

Roger Bisson, Hebert Construction, Project Superintendent

The Challenge

Hebert Construction Project Superintendent Roger Bisson has always turned to STARC Systems for temporary wall solutions for projects at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center. His crew repeatedly uses STARC’s RealWallTM product, which exceeds ICRA Class IV standards and has set the standard for temporary construction containment at St. Mary’s.

Roger and his team also needed temporary dust walls that are lighter weight and can be put up and assembled quickly, AND can meet needed ICRA Class IV standards. Sometimes projects call for immediate removal and assembly to push the project through completion.

That was the case for a recent St. Mary’s project where demolition work had to be completed quickly in an area that was right next to a major corridor for doctors, patients and visitors.

“We needed to put something up quickly and was very easy to install,” said Roger. “We were used to using plastic for quick turnarounds. But the problem is once you had the plastic up, the crews would have the mindset they ‘out of sight and out of mind’,” said Roger. “But that’s not true. You could still see silhouettes and know that there’s demolition going on.”

Our Solution

STARC’s LiteBarrierTM was introduced to his team at St. Mary’s as a premier alternative to polycarbonate systems. LiteBarrierTM exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements and meets Class A fire & smoke ratings. It has easy, knob-less installation and is durable, lightweight and visually appealing.

“With LiteBarrierTM, we set up a containment wall that looked like a real wall in minutes. If you need environmental controls and isolation in a quick install it’s the way to go.”

The Results

Roger was impressed with how quickly the walls with the panels’ easy ‘lift and drop’ connection. “It went up in minutes.”

And Roger plans to use both the LiteBarrierTM and RealWallTM panels together on projects.  STARC provides an adaptor that easily connects the two systems.

“I do see myself using them a lot for future projects when I need isolation quick and fast.”

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