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STARC Systems’ Dust Barriers vs. Our Competitors

When hospitals erect temporary dust walls for renovation, their number one consideration is installing the most effective dust barrier to protect the health and wellness of patients, visitors, and staff. Hospital management, Infection Preventionists, Project Managers, Engineers, and Healthcare Contractors, are all stakeholders in the temporary containment decision and ideally look for temporary dust walls that exceed ICRA Class IV requirements, blend into the existing healthcare environment, are fast an easy to set up, and eliminates the disruption of renovation.

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Temporary Dust Walls on the Job Site: What Construction Managers Need to Know

Construction Managers and contractors who work in the healthcare industry recognize that dust poses serious health risks at hospitals and healthcare facilities during remodeling and renovation. Erecting temporary dust walls are a must to create effective barriers and prevent the spread of dust during construction projects. Why? Dust is a transporter of airborne bacteria stemming from mold spores that are released when the walls constructed of drywall come crumbling down. Its containment is imperative on any construction site, but particularly so in healthcare facilities.

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What are Healthcare Acquired Infections and How to Prevent Them?

In the past, simple HAI prevention strategies were often overlooked. An HAI was seen as an unfortunate risk of the healthcare system. However, with so much recent research, prevention measures have been institutionalized. With continuing efforts and consistent practices, healthcare systems can reduce and prevent the spread of HAIs throughout each healthcare facility.

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Construction Barriers in Hospitals: Your Questions Answered

During renovations or remodeling, construction barriers in hospitals play a vital role in infection control. As a preventive measure, the barriers are part of infection control practices that are crucial to reducing the transmission of hospital acquired infections (HAI). Contractors, facility managers, hospital staff, and construction personnel alike must follow an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) in order to perform the work.

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What is an Anteroom in a Hospital?

An anteroom is an essential tool for hospital renovation, maintenance and infection control. It is simply a smaller room one would enter before entering a much larger room. They are one part of infection control that allows facilities to conduct renovations without having to shut down areas of the hospital.

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