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Avoid the Disruption of Commercial Renovation

Eliminate the disruption of renovation with a modular reusable temporary wall containment system. The STARC system is perfect for any commercial application where isolating the renovation space from sensitive occupied areas is key. The construction barrier system is quick and easy to set up and take down and because it’s reusable it saves you money on labor and material costs. The three-layer construction is extremely durable, will last for hundreds of jobs and is backed by an industry leading 3-year warranty. The panels eliminate up to 50% of renovation noise allowing employees and customers to continue their work with no disruption. The panels look like real walls and blend into any commercial environment hiding the disruption of renovation.

Commercial Applications

Commercial features & benefits

Sound Attenuating



Sound attenuating foam core reduces renovation noise by up to 50%.

Fast Installation



100’ feet of wall can be installed in an hour, saving time and money between phases.

Superior Durability



Resists dents and scratches. Reusable and backed by a 3 year warranty.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Pays for itself in 3-5 uses. Reduce labor costs and minimize future containment purchases.

real wall appearance

Real Wall Appearance

Real Wall Appearance

Looks great. Construction is hidden behind what looks like a real wall.

reduces waste

Reusable & Waste Reducing

Reusable & Waste Reducing

Durable walls can be reused and reconfigured for years. Reduces waste.

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STARC is more than just panels, it’s a complete system that exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements and solves any temporary containment problem. It can be installed, moved and reconfigured over and over again. Our reusable system pays for itself in 3-5 uses and is more environmentally friendly than drywall containment that gets thrown out.

Case Studies

temporary construction barrier at James Center

Real Wall Appearance and Durability

The team at Hourigan had multiple projects at the James Center, a 1M-square-foot premium Class A commercial space in downtown Richmond. Hourigan searched for a temporary containment wall system to both seamlessly blend into the surroundings and mask all renovations, including an open lobby space that extended through several floors.

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WE Bowman Building

A Competitive Edge and ROI

W.E. Bowman, a leader in healthcare construction, sought an ICRA compliant, cost-effective containment solution that could be used for multiple healthcare projects. The result not only met the demands of healthcare containment but also provided an on-going return on their investment.

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fresenius corporate office

Superior Sound Attenuation

This project was a three-phased, fast track office build out, in an occupied office area. Renovation crews needed temporary containment walls that not only kept dust and debris away from the occupied area but would eliminate all construction noise. Plastic sheeting would not provide the sound attenuation needed for this occupied space.

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Many of the best hospitals and contractors in the country use STARC Systems.

Consigli – Commercial
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Home
JE Dunn Construction – Commercial
Westinghouse – Commercial
Mortenson Construction Commercial
Liberty Mutual Insurance – Commercial
J.P. Morgan – Commercial
Layton Construction – Commercial
LaGuardia Airport – Commercial
Turner – Commercial
Brasfield & Gorrie – Commercial
Boldt Construction – Commercial
Columbia Construction – Commercial
DPR Construction – Commercial
Hensel Phelps – Commercial

Superior Sound Attenuation

“The sound attenuation from STARC is better than any other option on the market.”


Suffolk Construction @ Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Competitive Edge

“I was searching for an alternative that would give us a competitive edge. STARC does that.”

Jerry Baker

Executive Director of Construction
W.E. Bowman

STARC System Outperforms All Other Temporary Containment Options

Traditional methods of containment like drywall create added dust, debris and noise during installation and demolition. They are messy, environmentally unfriendly, wasteful and labor intensive. Flimsy plastic sheets do not meet ICRA Class IV requirements which is necessary in most healthcare settings. Polycarbonate partitions are not effective at muffling sound and they just don’t look like a real wall. Reusable modular containment options are a fast-growing segment of the containment market with superior STARC’s real walls and polycarbonate partitions leading the way.







Spolycarbonate Partition


Plastic Sheeting

Real Wall Appearance

Improves Sound Attenuation



Reduces Environmental Waste

Ongoing Savings

STARC Systems Outperforms All Other Containment Options

Results are based on independent 3rd party testing.

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