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When an international passenger cruise line at sea discovered technical difficulties with their sprinkler systems that needed immediate attention, STARC Systems came up with the perfect solution.

September 22, 2017

STARC System Panels


An international passenger cruise line was at sea, with a full complement of passengers when they discovered some technical difficulties with their sprinkler systems. The cruise line was committed to repairing the problem without returning to dock nor while disrupting their passengers. The ship manager quickly reached out to their project management company in hopes for a solution to facilitate a seamless repair.


The project management company could easily repair the non-emergency deficiency but wanted to conceal the onboard work, and quickly discovered STARC Systems. Their thought was that with the ease of use, quick deployment capability, sound attenuation and, especially aesthetics, they could deploy the temporary walls in the midst of the cruise, and facilitate a repair undetected by passengers.

Once the project management company was briefed on all of STARC’s capabilities, they were convinced this was the perfect solution. The new challenge: How do we get 50’ of STARC Systems panels out to international waters sea in a day?!


After receiving the order, the STARC Systems Logistics Team went into action: A dedicated truck was at the STARC Systems manufacturing facility that day and picked up the panels needed for the job. The truck transported the STARC Systems Panels overnight from Brunswick, Maine to a port located along the Mid-Atlantic coast. From there the shipment was transported out to sea to the Cruise Ship and deployed only two days after they discovered STARC Systems!


Ultimately, STARC Systems was the perfect solution as noted by the project management company: If you have customers that are requesting references, please do not hesitate to share my e-mail. I am glad to express the diligence, accuracy, and world-class customer service which STARC rendered to us. The ship manager was delighted with the service and the appearance of STARC Systems’ walls!

International Passenger Cruise Line Project

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