Premier Reusable Temporary Containment Walls in Healthcare Applications

STARC’s RealWall™ and LiteBarrier ™ reusable temporary containment walls are used by many of the leading contractors and healthcare systems in all 50 states for effective infection control. Both RealWall ™ and LiteBarrier ™ systems exceed ICRA Class IV and ATSM E-84 requirements. They provide an ideal solution when there’s a need to protect sensitive patient occupied areas from renovation sites and are ideal solutions for the following healthcare applications:

  • operating rooms
  • NICUs
  • waiting areas
  • lobbies
  • pharmacies
  • patient rooms
  • radiology units
  • hallways

If you have renovation projects with multiple phases requiring a quick turnaround and frequent reconfiguration, LiteBarrier™ containment partitions are an ideal solution. When there’s a need for sound attenuation, superior stability, and durability, RealWall™ is the premier solution. They are quick and easy to install with a simple lift and drop connection system and 100’ of wall can be installed in one hour so you save on labor and material costs.

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