Life sciences lab

Healthcare clients have concerns beyond those of other clients. In spaces like healthcare facilities and labs, containing renovation dust and infection control has to be a top priority.

ICRA Panels For Labs

All STARC Systems ICRA panels allow you to quickly and easily create spaces that exceed ICRA Class IV protocols. STARC Systems panels feature closed-cell foam gaskets for airtight seals on top and bottom of the panels, inter-panel dual seals to provide an air-tight barrier, and tongue and groove seals to provide air-tight seals on the vertical frame elements. When you need to make sure that dust and germs don’t move from space to space, STARC Systems ICRA panels are the solution.

Plus, they’re quick and easy to install. Two people can assemble (or disassemble) 100’ of wall in an hour quickly and quietly, hiding the disruption of renovations. The panels are built for the rugged use and reuse of construction crews and can be quickly disinfected with standard cleaning agents.

Should a negative pressure environment be required, our ventilated panels come equipped to integrate with exhaust registers, pressure monitor ports, and all common data recorders. STARC Systems negative pressure panels exceed ICRA Class IV requirements. To see our temporary wall system perform in a healthcare facility, check out the Fresenius Medical Care headquarters expansion case study.

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