STARC Temporary Wall System


Best cost savings over time

Pays for itself in 3-5 uses

Reusable and reconfigurable


Lower up-front cost

No storage requirements

Ideal for project-based jobs


Allows for upfront trial without commitment

Option to keep system or return

Qualify for purchase discount


Purchasing your STARC Systems provides the maximum cost savings over time. Our durable panels are backed by a 3-year warranty so your ROI will continue to grow with each reuse. Once you own the product, it quickly pays for itself after 3-5 uses.

Because it’s reconfigurable it can be moved and reused from one job to the next. It’s also perfect for big projects with multiple phases.

Purchasing your STARC containment panels outright may allow you to budget the cost as a capital expense, rather than a per-project containment cost.


You can rent superior STARC Systems for about what you would pay for a typical drywall temporary containment solution. Renting may be a better fit for project-based jobs, or planning your expenses on a per-project basis. And, rental fees will qualify you for a discount if you decide to purchase.

Renting is perfect if you have limited storage capacity, or you need to add on to your system to complete a project.


Allows to test out the best temporary containment solution on the market today with our rent-to-own program. Try before you buy.

You have the option of purchasing it after the project or returning it. If purchasing it, you will qualify you a one time discount.

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