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Oxford Networks, now FirstLight, offers a robust suite of advanced telecommunications products, including data centers with best-of-breed technologies.

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“The ability for the STARC System is adapt to whatever our customer needs are is a real selling point.”

John Coray, Operations Manager, Oxford Networks

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The Challenge

Oxford Networks’ high-end clients have stringent requirements for their data centers. Beyond the security needs, they also want workspace areas within their suite that they can manage themselves. The standard practice for data centers is a cage system, which requires a significant amount of labor to install and doesn’t look good.

Oxford Networks wanted a durable and innovative solution that allowed for more flexibility. “The ability for the STARC System is adapt to whatever our customer needs are is a real selling point,” said John Coray, Operations Manager at Oxford Networks.

Our Solution

Oxford Networks chose the STARC System to build out data center suites within their facility. After visiting the STARC manufacturing facility in Brunswick, Maine, the Oxford Networks chose the STARC System for the functionality, durability and portability. “The actual set-up was most impressive. It takes about an hour – start to finish. Not days.”


“A perfect example of the adaptability of the STARC System is when a customer calls us a year later and says we want to expand. It’s not a problem because we can detach the walls, rebuild the walls and carve out a larger area for them within hours,” reported John Coray, Operations Manager, Oxford Networks.

“And there have been some unexpected benefits for us in energy efficiency. The servers are functioning much better because of the containment of the cold air and the quick evacuation of the hot air as it rises. It’s really a no-brainer to install a STARC System.”

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Download STARC Systems CatalogExplore our full system of reusable, temporary wall containment. Our detailed technical specifications, product options and installation pictures are included.

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