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Containment System Not Only for Healthcare Facilities

A common misconception is that temporary containment walls are only used within the healthcare arena, when in fact, the need for containment spans across multiple industries and applications.

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Communication: One of the Most Crucial Tools in Infection Control

Clear, concise communication increases patient confidence as infection prevention and control strategies are put into play during high-risk situations or extended renovation projects. The time to have the conversation about more efficient communication between healthcare staff, patients, and infection preventionists is now.

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Containment For Senior Living Community Provides Optimal Infection Control During Renovations

Infection control protocols and awareness, especially during construction projects, is critical, with pathogens caused by dust posing a high risk for residents and staff. Contractors need to ensure that senior residents and patients are kept safe, both from the area of construction and the risk of infection from renovation work.

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Why Sound Management Matters In Healthcare

With hospitals and clinics operating a wide variety of medical equipment, from x-ray machines and MRIs to medical computer systems to specialized medical equipment, facilities are taking measures to reduce sound for daily operations. More than 50% of healthcare executives are implementing noise-reduction construction material to boost patient experience.

Sound management is crucial in healthcare facilities for patient wellness, restorative sleep, patient privacy, physician focus and lower stress.

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Increase Patient Satisfaction with ICRA Class IV Containment

In the world of healthcare, few things are more important than improving patient experience and satisfaction. Healthcare facility renovations are no different. Primary concerns for healthcare officials during renovations are the disruption of daily operations, the meeting of project deadlines but, most importantly, proper and stringent infection control. ICRA containment allows for needed updates to happen in healthcare organizations without risk to current patients and increases overall patient satisfaction.

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