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starc wall temporary containment
Our Founder, Tim Hebert, who owns and operates a major Northern New England Construction firm, was always perplexed at the amount of waste, dust, debris and time dedicated to temporary containment on sensitive or occupied job-sites. Tim envisioned a containment system that exceeded all infection control requirements, was quiet, fast and reusable. In 2014, Tim was introduced to our Co-Founder, Bruce Bickford who has over 25 years of mechanical engineering and product management experience. Together, Tim and Bruce designed the industry's most innovative and robust modular temporary containment system: STARC Systems, Inc.
 Chris MacKenzie, who has over 25 years of Sales, Marketing and Channel design leadership experience joined the Executive Team in 2015, and STARC Systems began to appear in leading Health Care institutions throughout the United States.
 With over 100 years of successful Construction, Engineering and Business experience, matched with a product of superior design and function, STARC Systems, Inc. is quickly becoming the industry's fastest growing and successful temporary containment solution.

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