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The STARC System is engineered for quick assembly or removal. Build 50 feet of wall with corners and a swing door in just 45 minutes or less with 2 people. Phase your projects faster shortening the total duration of construction.
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Build containment without generating dust or debris. Completely reusable - no containment waste. Protect the facility from construction dust with negative pressure capacity of over .04 in water.


Our cost effective system will pay for itself in 2.5 uses when compared to drywall partitions; 6 uses for poly barriers. For the contractor, earn additional profits from the containment fees. The robust components are serviceable and are engineered to last for decades of use.
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Our insulated composite panels reduce airborne noise by up to 50%, improving the patient and staff experience and allowing normal operations adjacent to a construction area. Build containment without noise or disruption - No facility downtime; Work during normal hours!
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With all metal anti-microbial surfaces, the STARC System allows robust and regular standard infection control procedures. Our system is ICRA Class IV compliant and supports high levels of negative pressure isolation.


Reduce staff and patient complaints: The perimeter seals on each panel and component create an airtight barrier that eliminates the transmission of construction zone odors including demolition dust, adhesives, paint, etc, all reducing the impact of the construction on normal daily activities.

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