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Business Profile: General Medical and Surgical Hospitals Location Type: Headquarters Year Established: 1870 Annual Revenue Estimate: $477,000,000 Employees: 5000

Client: Maine Medical Center

January 4, 2016


Maine Medical Center (part of MaineHealth) needed to renovate an old space off their main lobby into a new retail pharmacy. The project would require the installation of 30 ft of window wall with new doors and the removal of 3 display windows in an adjacent wall, all in a very public area off the main lobby – a primary corridor leading to patient rooms and other key treatment areas. Opposite the construction area is the main security reception desk and employee registration desk – both critical work areas. The timeframe to accomplish the work would be 4 months.


The client was concerned about a number of issues in this high traffic space including the appearance of the construction zone over the 4 month period; the noise, dust and debris generated by the project work; the security of the work area, and protecting the public spaces during containment construction and removal.


The contractor chose to install the STARC modular containment system as a better way of meeting these containment challenges. The STARC panel system was erected on a sloped floor in under an hour, without impinging on the hallway; no noise or disturbance of the security desk area and without creating any dust or waste material. A decision was made to relocate the sliding door after initial installation, which was accomplished in about 5 minutes, simply by lowering the affected panels, and reorganizing the door location by swapping panels around, then raising the panels back up to the ceiling.


The customer was thrilled with the initial installation liked the bright white clean surfaces so much they elected to make up vinyl graphics for 4 of the panels with ‘Coming Soon!” artwork that featured architects renderings of the new pharmacy to better inform the staff and visitors of the important new facility.


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