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Business Information: General Medical and Surgical Hospitals Location Type: Branch Annual Revenue Estimate: $2.5 to 5 million Employees: 1,000 to 4,999

Client: Central Maine Medical Center

January 4, 2016


CMMC (Central Maine Medical Group) was reconfiguring a number of radiology suites to include new technologies. A pair of radiology rooms shared a common control room, so when one was to be renovated to upgrade their CT scanning capabilities, construction containment was needed to isolate the wall separating the control room from the renovation area.



A key concern with this work was to keep the functioning CT scanning control room up and running without disruption, this keeping a key facility asset in operation and generating revenue.



STARC System panels were chosen for this instance for their ability to be installed quickly, cleanly and without noise or disturbance of the staff working in the control room, and their superior airborne noise abatement performance. The control room is only 10ft wide and with significant work to be done to one of the room’s walls, a quiet solution was required. The installation of 18 ft of wall including a door was accomplished in about 45 minutes including time to seal against the adjacent walls with a custom fit filler panel. During the process, the staff of 4 worked normally without interruption and at normal (very quiet) sound levels. After placing the containment walls, the lead radiologist thought the wall cut off too much of their working space and asked if it could be moved. The installers simply lowered all the panels, pushed the panels back a foot and raised them back to the ceiling – all in 5 minutes.



The resulting space was adequate for their needs and the staff was quite impressed with the clean finish and white surfaces, and how quiet it was when demolition commenced on the other side. As a bonus, they discovered they could put their work schedule right on the panels using dry erase markers – which added value for them to the whole construction project!


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