Abbott Northwestern Hospital: Surgical Device Sterilization Plant Renovation

100% ICRA Compliance Required

Mortenson is a top-20 builder, developer and provider of energy and engineering services. Based in Minnesota, Mortenson has operations across North America and Canada. For more than 50 years, Mortenson has provided construction and engineering services to Abbott Northwestern Hospital, the largest hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Our healthcare projects often require we work insensitive areas where patients and employees must be shielded from the debris and sounds. The STARC Systems helps us separate day-to-day operations from construction without sacrificing a professional look and feel.

Brian Mortenson, Director of Operations, Mortenson Equipment Solutions

The Challenge

Mortenson led renovations at Abbott’s central processing plant. This is a critical area for the hospital; all the surgical instruments at Abbott go to this processing plant for sterilization. The sterilization equipment was being replaced on the clean side of the processing area.

There was no room for error in this renovation project. As the equipment was being replaced, Mortenson was challenged with controlling all dust and debris, as well as ensuring that the renovation area was 100% compliant with ICRA Class IV standards.

Sound attenuation was also key to the success of this project as Abbott staff continued to operate outside the renovation area.

Our Solution

Mortenson assembled STARC System panels ICRA barrier and installed negative air flow monitors to keep the area dust free, isolating any chance for contaminants to become airborne in the clean, sterilization area. The STARC System panels exceeded ICRA Class IV standards.

“With a conventional temporary wall installation like drywall, if you bumped into it you would have cuts and tears. There’s no infection control when there’s a breach in the wall that can lead to the potential of dust and contaminants. That’s not the case with STARC Systems,” said Peter Hauer, Field Superintendent at Mortenson.

“We completed a similar project five years ago with a different containment system. But this time we used STARC and the results were much different.”

“The sterile side needs to be 100% sterile. And we have about a dozen crew members working at one time behind the panels. STARC helps us maintain the separation from renovations and the sterile area. This would have been a dusty and dirty job site with another temporary containment system.”

The Results

The Mortenson crews and the entire renovation process remained hidden from the Abbott crews, who continued their daily work without distractions or interruptions.

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