Renovations Without Guest and Staff Headaches Using STARC System Construction Barrier Walls

Happy guests are the lifeblood of the hospitality industry. Ensuring that they aren’t bothered by construction noise or dust from renovations is essential. Using construction barrier walls from STARC Systems keeps the construction team and their work out of sight and out of mind.

dining room

The real wall look and superior sound attenuation of STARC Systems wall panels allow work to occur out of sight without disrupting guests and staff. And since STARC’s construction barrier walls are quick, quiet and easy to install, partitioning off a space doesn’t require advance notice. Hide emergency construction as easily as long-planned renovations—two people can assemble (or dismantle) 100-feet of wall in under an hour. Having reusable and durable construction barrier walls available keeps disruption to a minimum and guests unbothered.

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Explore our full system of reusable, temporary wall containment. Our detailed technical specifications, product options and installation pictures are included.

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