Dust Containment Walls Save Your Data from Disruption

Whether you have a room of servers or floors of them, the information stored there is critical. Protecting them needs to be a priority and the dust containment walls by STARC Systems are an essential investment in doing so.

Oxford Networks Data Center Server Protection

Dust can find its way in through small openings. To keep your critical systems clear of dust and debris during renovation and day-to-day access, STARC Systems is the clear winner. These dust containment walls are designed for rugged use and reuse, but they are also quick and quiet to install or to reconfigure as needs change. Two people can configure and assemble (or dismantle) 100-feet of wall under an hour.

Cage systems designed to separate client servers are unattractive and don’t provide the privacy that STARC Systems does. The STARC Systems panels look like real walls and have superior sound attenuation. Creating and expanding data suites is easy and quick and doesn’t interfere with other clients. See how STARC’s temporary wall system performs in the Oxford Networks data centers by checking out the case study.

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Explore our full system of reusable, temporary wall containment. Our detailed technical specifications, product options and installation pictures are included.

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