Jackpot: Pilot Project Pays Off For Casino

Proform Interiors scores efficiency gains, satisfied client with StackBarrier

Viejas Casino & Resort, located in Alpine, Calif., required a fast, and efficient solution for the temporary containment of construction dust and debris during renovation projects.

Proform Interiors, the San Diego-based builders performing the work, recognized the need for a solution that would not only hide the renovation mess in a high-traffic setting that caters to tourists, but it would also have to set-up and break down quickly with minimal labor, and eliminate the need for extensive cleanup upon job completion. The project offered a great opportunity to test-drive an innovative new solution from STARC: StackBarrier™.


Time is crucial in the casino environment because every square foot generates revenue 24/7. Traditional methods involving metal studs and drywall were too slow, labor-intensive, and disruptive.

For example, if Proform Interiors used drywall, each of the three walls involved would need to be brought to a Level 4 finish, requiring mudding, sanding, and painting before graphics could be applied. In addition, the dust would be difficult to manage—and Proform Interiors would be responsible for daily housekeeping expenses.


Proform Interiors implemented StackBarrier, a reusable temporary wall system that offers fast installation, noise reduction, and clean aesthetics. The team chose StackBarrier because it enabled a faster project start, with no dust and debris during removal, and it provided a superior experience for the casino’s guests.


The initial phase involved using StackBarrier for a small pilot project within the casino. The team, supervised by STARC, completed the installation within three hours using only three crew members. This was a significant improvement compared to the week-long installation process required with traditional methods.

Key benefits:

  • Time Efficiency: StackBarrier’s quick installation allowed Proform Interiors to start the renovation work on the same day. This efficiency saved at least a week in the project schedule.
  • Labor Reduction: The temporary wall system’s ease of assembly significantly reduced labor dependencies. The work was completed in three hours by three crew members.
  • Clean Removal: Unlike drywall, which generates a tremendous amount of dust and debris upon removal, StackBarrier could be taken down cleanly without the need for dumpsters or extensive cleanup.

“The time savings and clean installation were major advantages,” said Laura Beauvais, Project Manager at Proform Interiors. “The casino management was impressed with the speed of the installation and the minimal disruption to their operations. The clean look of StackBarrier also provided a better experience for guests compared to previous methods.”

With a conventional temporary wall installation like drywall, if you bump into it, you will have cuts and tears. There’s no infection control when there’s a breach in the wall, which can lead to the potential for dust and contaminants. That’s not the case with STARC Systems…
– Peter Hauer, Field Superintendent at Mortensen


The successful pilot project at Viejas Casino & Resort is a good example of STARC delivering time and labor savings to jobsites, with aesthetically pleasing temporary wall systems that are both highly durable and reusable.

In this case, the clean, efficient, and reusable nature of StackBarrier proved to be a superior alternative to traditional drywall methods, underscoring its value in fast-paced, revenue-sensitive environments like casinos.

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