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Temporary Wall Solutions for Data Center Applications

Construction poses a high risk to the servers in data centers, with dust and debris stirred up as renovation projects are conducted, not just at the beginning. The need for containment is non-negotiable, especially in places where the information is stored is so valuable.

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Temporary Containment Solution Demonstrates ROI After 3 to 5 Uses Compared To Other Methods

With healthcare administrators approving and pushing renovation projects down the pipeline, construction companies are in need of cost-effective temporary ICRA Class IV containment walls that can be used for not just a few, but hundreds of projects over time.

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Containment System Not Only for Healthcare Facilities

A common misconception is that temporary containment walls are only used within the healthcare arena, when in fact, the need for containment spans across multiple industries and applications.

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Sustainable Manufacturing: How STARC Systems Keeps it Green

From product production to the extended life cycle of our panels, STARC is eco-friendly and believes in sustainable manufacturing practices. We don’t generate or consume VOC’s and all our scrap metal from production is recycled. Internally, we recycle all packaging materials and always strive for reduced dunnage through the supply chain. STARC Systems temporary containment panels can be reused for years and come with an industry best 3-year warranty.

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Containment Systems 101: From Poly to Drywall, What Is The Most Effective?

Healthcare practitioners, general contractors, and facility staff need to be confident in wall containment systems that not only support infection control goals but also provides sound attenuation, eliminates the introduction of dust and debris, can be easily installed and dismantled, and allows for operations to continue without disruption.

There are many different material options in the containment/barrier management space: drywall, plastic sheeting and polycarbonate are common options. But how do they stack up against each other and the STARC System?

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