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-You need to renovate an area of your workplace, yet it’s adjacent to a critical room that needs to be up and running with no interruptions, noise or dust.  

-You need a rapid isolation system for infection control that deploys quickly, complies with ICRA class IV standards, and maintains high levels of negative pressure.

MMC Pharmacy Renovation


STARC temporary modular wall system provides a high performance containment system engineered for institutional, commercial and industrial construction settings. STARC provides a reusable, safe and secure temporary wall system that is rugged, attractive, air tight, washable and sound attenuating.

The STARC System is comprised of panels and other modules that are quickly and cleanly installed, relocated or dismantled, providing you with a sustainable GREEN solution. Integrated features help manage difficult sealing problems and provide maximum flexibility for most isolation situations. The STARC System will drastically reduce labor costs and downtime between phases and eliminate the dust and debris typical of existing methods.


The STARC modular temporary wall system has been engineered to provide years of maintenance free service, and meet all required standards as a temporary containment wall installation.




The system is engineered for durability in a construction environment while creating a pleasing, quiet and clean external surface:

- All metal panels with insulated core; white aluminum face; galvanized steel back

- Anodized aluminum frames

- All surfaces antimicrobial

- Lightweight construction

- Standard panel widths of 24”, 32” & 42”

- Panels extend seamlessly from 80”-123”

- Integral sealing elements provides air / dust barrier across the system interface

- Panels quickly interlock without fasteners


Standardized modules interconnect quickly and simply to form a unified containment system. All components interlock using the same connection system and one simple tool. Nominally designed for interior applications with finished floors and an acoustic tile or finished ceiling, our system features:

- Ceiling grid anchors for 15/16”, 9/16”, flush or drop tile systems.

- Integral perimeter gasketing - Inside and outside corners

- Finish wall seal elements

- Filler panel interface for soffits

- Prehung swing and sliding doors

- Negative pressure panel

- Transport cart with dust cover

- Custom graphics

- Custom panel dimensions



The modular system is engineered to meet or exceed all required standards for temporary walls for interior applications. Our system performs to the following criteria:

- Interior non-load bearing applications only

- Temp: -20 to 120 deg F

- Humidity: Up to 90% RH non condensing

- Min pressure differential: .04” w.c. under most conditions

- Max floor pitch: 1/8” per foot - Max floor roughness < 1/8” variance

- Chemical compatibility: May be cleaned or disinfected with all common water and solvent based cleaners and disinfectants, including bleach, detergents, biocides and alcohol.

- All metal construction for Zero flame spread and smoke generation (ASTM E- 84 certification pending)


Our modular containment system is designed for a diverse set of situations where construction containment or infection control isolation are required such as:

- Healthcare

- Institutional

- Commercial office spaces

- Clean room manufacturing

- Data centers or environmental critical spaces

- Hospitality and gaming


-Biopharma Laboratories




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