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Timothy Hebert

Timothy Hebert
Founder & CEO

Tim owns and operates one of Northern New
England’s largest construction firms, Hebert
Construction of Lewiston, Maine. For over 15
years, Tim has managed all aspects of the
projects, customer relations, estimating and
schedules. One of Hebert Construction’s
primary specialties has been Health Care
restoration and renovation in addition to infection control.

Bruce Bickford

Bruce Bickford
Co-Founder and COO

Bruce Bickford possesses over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience focusing primarily upon mechanical engineering, product development, operational excellence and continuous improvement. Bruce is responsible for all aspects of STARC Systems design and manufacturing.

Chris Mackenzie

Chris MacKenzie
EVP of Sales and Marketing

Chris has over 25 years years of Sales,
Marketing, Channel Design and Customer
Service leadership in the manufacturing
and logistics sectors. Chris is responsible
for STARC Systems’ sales presence,
customer relations and branding
throughout the domestic and international

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