STARC Systems Announces $3.5 Million Investment Led by Blue Heron Capital

STARC Systems announced today that it has received a $3.5 million investment, led by Blue Heron Capital, a growth equity fund providing growth and expansion capital headquartered in Richmond, VA.

STARC Systems is a fast-growing building products company, based in Brunswick, Maine, that manufactures and distributes modular wall systems providing a clean, airtight and sound-deadening construction barrier system to protect the healthy work environments from the effects of construction. The STARC containment system is the category leader in healthcare facilities during
renovation projects. While the company’s products are used across industries, its containment system has been engineered to meet the high standards of the healthcare industry. Continue Reading

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STARC Systems Barrier protects patients during renovation-Health Facilities Management Magazine Feature

Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC), Lewiston, recently undertook a major renovation in and around the facility’s emergency department (ED).

The medical center was challenged to perform the work without any interruption in emergency services, while also protecting patients and staff from potentially hazardous airborne particles.

Any construction, renovation and repair activities in hospitals and health care facilities can create or disturb particles, and cause them to become aerosolized. These particles include Aspergillus spp., a fungus commonly found in indoor environments that attaches to and feeds on dirt and dust particles and cellulose-based building materials. Patients with suppressed immune systems are especially susceptible to developing aspergillosis, a potentially life-threatening infection.

With health care renovation activity expected to increase 5 to 8 percent over the next two years, according to the Department of Commerce, protecting patients and staff during construction projects will remain an ongoing challenge for hospitals and health care systems.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion provides guidelines that require the health care facility or its general contractor to determine the necessary protective measures for patients and staff during construction.

The requirements are based on an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) that ranges in severity from Class I to Class IV, with Class IV requiring the most protection against infection. Class IV states that hospitals must “construct barriers to prevent dust from entering patient care areas and ensure that barriers are impermeable to fungal spores and in compliance with local fire codes.”

To comply with the ICRA requirement, the renovation required building a 100-foot airtight containment barrier around the construction zone.

“The traditional method of constructing this large of a containment barrier would have taken two to two-and-a-half days,” says Brian Campbell, CHFM, CHC, regional manager of maintenance and construction, CMMC.

To meet the renovation challenge, the medical center chose STARC (Simple Telescopic Airtight Reusable Containment) Systems, Brunswick, Maine, for the required construction barrier.

The STARC system comprises panels and other modules that are quickly installed, relocated or dismantled to provide flexibility. With its efficient, clean installation, the system can reduce labor costs and eliminate dirt typically created with construction of other containment options, according to STARC.

“The whole wall was constructed in less than an hour,” Campbell says. “There was no dust, debris or interruption of services during the setup.”

Patient and staff satisfaction remained high throughout the renovation due to the effective noise suppression and clean, polished look provided by the containment system.

Daniela Skalina, a CMMC health care and infection control professional for more than 20 years, also praised the system’s effectiveness and benefits. “Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it minimizes risk to patients because it is so easy to set up correctly, and minimizes the opportunity for error, while maintaining an airtight seal around the project.”

“This is the best solution I have seen for keeping the patient population protected from noise, dust and any other potentially hazardous materials during renovations or construction in a hospital environment,” she adds.

The system’s benefits extend beyond exceeding ICRA Class IV requirements, says Chris MacKenzie, executive vice president, STARC Systems. “Because STARC System panels are reusable, hospitals don’t create nonbiodegradable waste just to build a temporary containment wall,” he says. “These panels are functional for years and can be used on multiple projects.”

And, because the system exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements, health care facilities professionals can consider using it for customized critical isolation needs, MacKenzie says. // JEFF FERENC


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Wayfair joins STARC Systems at Brunswick Landing

We are excited to welcome some new neighbors to the business community here at Brunswick Landing. Welcome to Maine Wayfair! Check out the article in the Portland Press Herald featuring Wayfair and STARC Systems.  Go to the article >

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How to Reduce the Impact of the Current Labor Shortage by Increasing Productivity

The list of benefits associated with using STARC Systems Temporary Containment versus traditional containment methods (Sustainability, Speed, Aesthetics, Infection Control, Sound Attenuation, Dustless Installation) are well documented by our ever growing list of satisfied customers. The attached article recently published in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald focuses on the increasing labor shortage faced by the nation’s contractors.

Construction and Renovation in the Health Care Industry are projected to grow another 5%-8% per year over the next two years, according to the Dept of Commerce. In other words, the Construction Industry is not immune to the phenomenon of having to ‘do more with less’. STARC Systems’ innovative telescopic, modular approach to containment, with a tool-less ‘lift and drop’ connection protocol allows two carpenters to install 100′ of containment in less than an hour – resulting in much less manpower required for a task that used to take many hours or days! More time and resources are now spent focusing upon the actual renovation versus building a temporary barrier, which previously would have become non-biodegradeable waste after completion of the project. Improved Operational Efficiency is a critical priority of every Project Manager and contractor. See how STARC Systems is an obvious choice for mitigating some of the challenges associated with the current labor shortage.

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Check out our time lapse video below to see the system in use.

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Sen. Angus King Tours TechPlace, Meets STARC

Senator Angus King of Brunswick stopped by on Friday, Feb. 5th for a short tour…Read The Full Article Here>> 


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STARC Systems Moves On To The Greenlight Maine Semifinals

Greenlight Maine’s business competition is heating up and getting closer to finding a winner. They are looking for one Maine company that is scalable, viable, feasible, and innovative. The combination of those focus areas and an excellent pitch will determine the winner of at least $100,000.

Chris MacKenzie, STARC’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has taken STARC Systems to the next level of the business competition. Starting the competition there were 86 companies and now there are 25 other companies in the running. Find out why STARC is moving on to the next round in this innovation business competition in the latest post from TechPlace Maine.

Check out the entire article here>

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