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Communication: One of the Most Crucial Tools in Infection Control

Clear, concise communication increases patient confidence as infection prevention and control strategies are put into play during high-risk situations or extended renovation projects. The time to have the conversation about more efficient communication between healthcare staff, patients, and infection preventionists is now.

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Why Sound Management Matters In Healthcare

With hospitals and clinics operating a wide variety of medical equipment, from x-ray machines and MRIs to medical computer systems to specialized medical equipment, facilities are taking measures to reduce sound for daily operations. More than 50% of healthcare executives are implementing noise-reduction construction material to boost patient experience.

Sound management is crucial in healthcare facilities for patient wellness, restorative sleep, patient privacy, physician focus and lower stress.

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Maintaining Patient Satisfaction During Healthcare Renovation Projects

The very act of building a sufficient ICRA containment wall that will meet, or exceed ICRA Class IV requirements is time-consuming, disruptive, noisy and ironically, dusty. Erecting ICRA Containment Dust Barriers, which are essential in protecting patients prior to any disturbance of the area, can also have a negative effect on patient satisfaction scores. To help mitigate the negative impact of building ICRA Containment Barriers, many contractors are turning towards a modular, prefabricated hard barrier system instead of building traditional metal stud, sheetrock walls.

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