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Communication: One of the Most Crucial Tools in Infection Control

Clear, concise communication increases patient confidence as infection prevention and control strategies are put into play during high-risk situations or extended renovation projects. The time to have the conversation about more efficient communication between healthcare staff, patients, and infection preventionists is now.

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Containment For Senior Living Community Provides Optimal Infection Control During Renovations

Infection control protocols and awareness, especially during construction projects, is critical, with pathogens caused by dust posing a high risk for residents and staff. Contractors need to ensure that senior residents and patients are kept safe, both from the area of construction and the risk of infection from renovation work.

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Rapid Response & Containment Strategy Key To Decreasing Spread of Superbugs

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria known as “superbugs” killed nearly 700,000 people last year, and research shows that antibiotic-resistant superbugs on are on track to kill more people than cancer (10 million) by 2050 while costing healthcare facilities an average of $2 billion per year.

Rapid response and an effective containment strategy is the key to infection prevention and spread of the superbugs between patients, healthcare staff, and the community. When superbugs are detected, being prepared to take aggressive and effective action can keep germs with resistance from spreading.

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Containment and Infection Control Solutions at the Most Critical Moment of Exposure

In recent years, several hospitals in Pittsburgh, PA. have seen the death of patients due to mold-related issues. Mold is highly dangerous to patients and can be life-threatening to patients with suppressed immune systems.

Hospitals need a solution for keeping patients protected upon identifying compromised areas and during renovations and remediation. Hospital staff has a responsibility to provide a safe workplace, to follow procedures and take precautions to protect both patients and staff in the event of an outbreak. General contractors or restoration companies are generally brought in for remediation and renovation of compromised spaces. Temporary containment systems that exceed ICRA Class IV requirements are necessary to isolate these high-risk areas.

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Development of Protocols For An Isolated and Controllable Space

Every healthcare renovation project should have a clear infection control system in place, the most effective tools, and the knowledge to handle situations as they arise. The componants to create an infection control protocol should include an isolated and controllable space, room ventilation and air control, proper cleaning and disinfection, and monitoring of the entire process.

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