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How to Reduce the Impact of the Current Labor Shortage by Increasing Productivity

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The list of benefits associated with using STARC Systems Temporary Containment versus traditional containment methods (Sustainability, Speed, Aesthetics, Infection Control, Sound Attenuation, Dustless Installation) are well documented by our ever growing list of satisfied customers. The attached article recently published in the Portland (Maine) Press Herald focuses on the increasing construction labor shortage faced by the nation’s contractors.

Construction and Renovation in the Health Care Industry are projected to grow another 5%-8% per year over the next two years, according to the Dept of Commerce. In other words, the Construction Industry is not immune to the phenomenon of having to ‘do more with less’. STARC Systems’ innovative telescopic, modular approach to containment, with a tool-less ‘lift and drop’ connection protocol allows two carpenters to install 100′ of containment in less than an hour – resulting in much less manpower required for a task that used to take many hours or days! More time and resources are now spent focusing upon the actual renovation versus building a temporary barrier, which previously would have become non-biodegradeable waste after completion of the project. Improved Operational Efficiency is a critical priority of every Project Manager and contractor. See how STARC Systems is an obvious choice for mitigating some of the challenges associated with the current labor shortage.

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Check out our time lapse video below to see the system in use.

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