Creating an 8’ Corridor ICRA Barrier Kit

When it comes to innovation in temporary containment and barrier systems, the industry leader is STARC Systems. Contractors, managers, architects, and engineers and the like, turn to STARC Systems time and again to provide the most effective, high-performance containment walls available anywhere.

Construction or renovation projects at any commercial, industrial or institutional facility will find that STARC’s containment system meets and exceeds the Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) protocols up to and exceeding Class IV requirements—the highest risk group assessment classification. Continue Reading

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Increase Client Satisfaction with ICRA Containment Walls

As any business grows and expands, substantial improvements to the workspace are often necessitated in order to meet customer demands, increase employee productivity, and the overall efficiency of the company. In fact, a period of remodeling or renovation, in some ways, is a good problem to have because it’s an indication of a company’s success. Nevertheless, the interruption can also be a trying time for employees. Not only as it relates to their ability to remain productive while the workspace is under construction, but for their health and safety.

To avoid all health and safety related issues, infection control should be a primary concern for companies undergoing restoration, remodeling or renovation. Project engineers, architects, and construction managers should include and agree on an Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) strategy in the developmental and planning stages of the project. Continue Reading

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